Consulting and support

Our consultants have years of experience in projects of different sizes in companies of various sizes in various industries. Their good understanding of best business practices, together with a combination of experience is an asset customer needs, when implementing a new SAP solution or changing the features and functionalities. We support future business growth.

Consulting services include:

  • Business operations optimization
  • Implementing new functionalities into existing SAP solution
  • Contextual upgrade of solutions and systems
  • Technical upgrade of solutions and systems
  • Migration of SAP solutions to new hardware
  • System administration and maintenance
  • Support
  • Maintenance of SAP solutions.

Support services include daily help desk support when using the solution, solving and troubleshooting key users problems. Support services on other levels include customer’s requirements for changes in settings, software code revisions and changes, adaptation and changes of print-outs and interfaces. Support services includes troubleshooting due to misuse and software errors.