Solution implementation

Projects for implementation must be estimated in advance and executed within the prescribed time and budget framework. To this end, all of our projects implementation is conducted in accordance with the SAP ASAP Focus methodology and best practices.

Our methodology works by prototyping solution and adapting it to existing customer’s needs. The prototyping is done on differentiation and with each step, the difference between prototype and desired solution is smaller until the customer approves the final version of the prototyped solution. While adapting the prototype we emphasize on knowledge transfer, training of people who will be using and working with the solution, and the transfer of master data in a new IT solution.

After adjusting the solution to the organizational structure and after the successful user training for master data transfer to the new system, we perform the integration tests and prepare for go-live. Consultants offer user support for easier and simpler transition to the new IT work with the new solution.