Successful business requires adequate IT solution that provides overall transparency, integration of operations and quick access to vital information to help make business decisions. SAP ERP is exactly that, especially if running on HANA platform.

ERP solution has a modular structure, is based on the latest technology and allows companies a selection of those business areas that they need for their business. Despite the fact that modules consist of substantively holistic processes, a flow of information through the solution in real time is provided for end to end processes, as the business areas are fully integrated with one another. Vital business information on both an operational and strategic level can accessed immediately.

The user interface is graphical, easier to work with and allows the user to create their own menus and work with multiple screens at the same time with a single login. Input masks and legends displayed data is user-friendly:

  • usage of specific icons and traffic lights
  • usage of multiple screens simultaneously
  • usage of favorites.

ERP is a versatile, flexible and efficient software solution with a flexible, open technology platform that enables integration with other SAP solutions and other systems. The solution can increase efficiency, improve visibility and allows companies to adapt to new business strategies. ERP is a complete solution for analytics, finance, human resource management, operations and services. Moreover, it meets the challenges of management, such as administration, data management, customizing and managing web services.