ITM solution is a preconfigured solution for manufacturing companies, covering processes from the first product design, development, planning, procurement, production and customer service.

It supports companies in:

  • effective development of individual solutions for clients with concurrent standardization
  • designing quality solutions despite increasing price pressure
  • increasing the efficiency of service processes
  • quality management processes in logistics
  • management of product data throughout the life cycle
  • a rapid response to shorter development times / delivery and product life cycle
  • presence in the international market.

ITM as an All-in-One solution combines core business functions such as financial accounting, sales, purchasing, warehousing, cost accounting and manufacturing.

Benefits of preconfigured solutions are:

  • short implementation times
  • cost reduction
  • manageable size of the project
  • flexibility
  • increased productivity.

Solution ITM operates on SAP HANA.

You enter the data into the system only once and you get new data in many different areas in the solution simultaneously. Can’t imagine running our business without ITM anymore.

– Iztok Špan, director of Tajfun Planina,
the largest manufacturer of forestry winches in Europe