ITW is a preconfigured solution for wholesale companies. It allows seamless planning, management and control of logistics business processes.

The solution comprises of:

  • presets for standard trading and logistics processes (sales, purchasing, disposition and storage)
  • service functions in the store
  • flexible pricing
  • tools for data exchange between enterprises
  • effective control of return processes
  • optimized purchasing management
  • web integration of supplier catalogs.
  • All in One solutions combine core business functions such as financial accounting, sales, purchasing, storage, cost accounting and management of orders completed with components that are specific to individual industries.

Benefits of preconfigured solutions are:

  • short implementation times
  • cost reduction
  • manageable size of the project
  • flexibility
  • increased productivity.

Solution ITW operates on SAP HANA.

ITW solution was chosen because our largest customers and biggest suppliers use SAP. The quality of the system is mostly reflected in the reliability and speed. We were very “strict” regarding the grant of errors during the implementation, so that today we have an information system where all information is immediately accessible and above all reliable. The real time reliable information the solution provides to support our business decisions is the greatest added value for us.

– Marko Podgornik, director Mikro+Polo,
the largest Slovenian supplier of laboratory equipment, accessories and chemicals